"The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness....
You have to catch it yourself."   ~   Benjamin Franklin


  • You cannot be anywhere where God is not!
  • Be good to yourself, you are all you truly have
  • Be humble to all life, as all life is divine
  • You can give Divine Love to all only when you are free from desire, burdens, and opinions
  • Co-dependency is only a lack of self-knowingness
  • YOU are the greatest truth you can know, except for GOD
  • All creation is the unconscious becoming conscious ; or you could say the unaware
    becoming aware
  • If you seek anything, always strive to become conscious ( aware ) and always seek to be
    to those that are unconscious
  • Drop all fears. You are GOD'S creation
  • Do not allow your mind and emotions to be used by others
  • Stop thinking and talking and you will begin to see truth
  • Always keep it simple
  • Be truth 100% of the time
  • It's always your choice
  • The seeker of God never finds God, as God is ever present . One needs to "Be" only what is
  • Surrender and trust , do not channel. Just be that which is
  • The more divided you become the less you are
  • Truth is not external from you
  • You are the eternal truth "That alone exists"
  • Time is only a succession of nows
  • Creation is only thought driven by the emotions
  • Surrender to the present moment
  • Rest. Be free. Be humble. And just BE
  • Be love in every moment
  • Become the observer of life
  • Listen, then talk
  • Listen, and observe, and you will come to know God
  • Conserve energy - SMILE!
  • Make GOD your home
  • We claim: "In God we trust." However life would change considerably if... "In God we express"
  • Live every moment in GOD
  • If you wish to experience God - spend time not creating !
  • Be the breath of GOD
  • Remember who YOU truly are!
  • Enjoy the "still" within
  • The mask of creation hides the true reality of GOD
  • Listen and observe the beauty of God in every moment
  • Let go of creation and enjoy the ecstacy of awareness ( consciousness ) itself
  • Its all GOD
  • Listen within and you will hear the music of God
  • Look within and you will see the light of God
  • Just be you and you will experience the music and light of God
  • Relax and let go
  • Spend time with yourself
  • Its not what you believe in, or what you think, its what you are !
Robert Morse, N.D.

It's a shame we can't forget our troubles the same way we forget our blessings.